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Our innovations continue in the year 2018 !

IATI News Airline News
  • 11.09.2018

    IATI VIP Yacht Rental Services

    Dear Valued Agency,

    VIP yacht rental services are now available at IATI !

    You may lease our exclusive VIP yachts to your distinguished clients.

    For further information about our VIP yacht portfolio:

    Whatsapp : +90 536 264 68 73

    Callcenter : +90 536 264 68 73 

    We wish all agencies prosperous days.

  • 06.07.2018

    Health Tourism Services by IATI

    Dear Agents,

    IATI is proud to announce its Health Tourism services.

    We are now offering Health Tourism Packages to our agents.

    Our Health Tourism Packages are offered in two categories:

    - Medical Condition Treatment 
    - Wellness and Medical Aesthetic Packages

    Medical Condition Treatment  includes patient specific treatment opportunities ranging from cardiology, thoracic treatment, traumatology, to in vitro fertilization.

    Wellness and Medical Aesthetic Packages include ocular treatment, dental treatment and surgery, hair implant, plastic surgery.

    You can browse through agent website and get information about our health tourism services.

    For further information, please consult your IATI sales representative.
  • 15.05.2018

    IATI Product Advantages: Transfer

    Introduce your customers with our advantageous  transfer options all over the world.

    From Aiport to hotel or vice versa, provide your customers a price advantageous transfer product with group, individual or VIP options.
  • 01.05.2018

    Azerbaijan: Baku Hotels 5 Star

    Best Rate for These Hotels only on IATI System.

  • 01.05.2018

    Sensitive Premium Resort

    Enjoy Your Summer in Antalya at Sensitive Premium Resort
    Fixed Rate from 13.06.2018 till 13.09.2018 (Ultra All Inclusive).

  • 01.05.2018

    Azerbaijan: Baku Hotels 4 Star

    Best Rate for These Hotels only on IATI System.

  • 01.02.2018

    Vacation Rentals & Villas Campaign !

    IATI offers 50% Discount + Free Transfer for Vacation Rentals!


    After booking a vacation rental, you can send the details of the booked vacation rental to to get your transfer arranged!

    * rates are for per person per night accommocation
    * free transfer is limited up to max. 120 km

    Moreover, IATI enables its registered agencies to earn extra revenue by offering rental houses, apartments, villas located in their neighbourhood.

    To be a vacation rentals provider agency, please contact your local IATI sale representative to get a provider account. 

    Click to get further information about Vacation Rentals !

  • 18.12.2017

    Get ready for the future with our travel assistant product!

    IATI is preparing its agents for the future with its innovative products and providing new business opportunities.

    Travelers are seeking more integrated, sophisticated and customised products in accordance with their increasing income levels and preferences.  

    Shopping for and managing these new products require increased amount of time and resources. In line with that, the  expertise of travel agents is also becoming more important.

    IATI, with its new innovative product “Travel Assistant“ is bridging the gap between the travelers and agents, providing new customers and income for its travel agent partners, fullfilling these travel trends.  

    Click here to get more information about  Travel Assistant.

  • 18.12.2017

    New revenue opportunities for IATI Agents: Vacation Rentals

    Increase your profits as a distributor and provider!

    With its Vacation Rental module, IATI will enable its registered agencies to generate revenue streams by offering a new accommodation product and also enabling the same agencies to distribute the content of the selected properties in their area.

    Agencies can register, upload information and manage price and availability of the vacation rental properties in an easy and effective way.

    IATI travel agencies will be also able to search and shop between thousands of selected price competitive and high quality properties around the globe.

    The new travel product of ”Vacation Rentals” will be available soon in your familiar interface under the icon of “vacation rentlas” on the IATI Agent interface desktop.
    Search, filtering, auto complete and other relevant features that have been IATI standards will be available in the “Vacation Rentals” feature.
    Agents will also receive the 24 / 7 call center support regarding that new product.

    Click here to get more information about Vacation Rentals.

  • 27.08.2018

    Emirates 5 % Discount

    Enjoy 5 % Discount till 30 Sep 18

  • 09.08.2018

    Shaheen International air is now available on iati system !!!

    Shaheen International air is now available on iati system !!!


  • 08.08.2018

    flyadeal is now available on iati system !!!

    flyadeal is now available on iati system !!!

  • 25.06.2018

    Nesma Airlines Domestic Flights are now available at IATI System !!

    Nesma Airlines Domestic Flights are now available at IATI System !!


  • 10.06.2018

    Air Cairo is now Available at IATI System !

    Air Cairo is now Available at IATI System !

  • 15.05.2018

    Kam Air now available at IATI !

    Kam Air flights are now available at IATI system !

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